I grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, where studied architecture at ITESO University. Later, I completed  a postgraduate course in Retail Design at ELISAVA Faculty of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain.

I started my studio in Munich, Germany as some sort of answer to my restlessness and my affinity for the visual arts, combining my talent as architect, designer and autodidact visual artist. 

In my work, I combine digital and analog techniques such as color pencils, aquarells, ink, graphite, stamp carving and sometimes even needle and thread.

I enjoy experimenting and playing with concepts, forms, ideas, colours and contrasts. With a personal stroke, I try to give my work  the right dose of emotion to create moving compositions which invite to a second look.

My main inspirations are literature, expressive faces and nature.

Today, my studio is located in Innsbruck, Austria, from where I work in three languages for private clients and collaborative efforts with other designs studios in Mexiko, Spain, Germany and Austria.

If I am not working on commissioned pieces, I work on self-organized projects in merchandizing, textile pattern design or  I simply experiment to create new visual pieces.

Please feel free to contact me for licensing, commissions or other requests, write me an email at hello@marisolormanns.com

Photo: Olaf Dankert

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